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Mandelbrot fractal

The Mandelbrot set is a famous fractal that can be implimented quite easily in Python. We will use a numpy array to create the image pixels, then save the image using the technique described here. What is the Mandelbrot set? The Mandelbrot set is defined by the following equation: xnext = x*x - y*y + c1 ynext = 2*x*y + c2 Starting from an initial value of x and y, and two constant values c1 and c2, we can calculate two new values, xnext and ynext. Read more →


In this project you will create code to draw Spirogarph images like the one below. You will learn about the pycairo graphics library, as well as practising some Python coding. A Spirograph is a toy that uses plastic cogs and coloured pens to create complex patterns. Using Python code to do this is even better, you can create more intricate patterns with more colours and detail. Setting up the canvas Here we will set up our pycairo canvas, in a similar way to the pycairo tutorial (it might be a good idea to take a look through the tutorial before attempting this project). Read more →

Python projects

These are some graphics and image based Python projects. Create spirographs: Explore the Mandelbrot set: Read more →